Final Class Assignment

I have been taking a lighting class at with Sam Nielsen for the past 3 months. It has been hard and i feel I have grown towards my goal of being a better artist…I’m no Matisse, knowing the way i paint and draw I’d probably go into his studio and tell him his paintings are too messy. If he and I lived in my time I’d grab a chair and show him the pen tool in Photoshop, and that is my weakness. I try to sketch freely and I do! (when no one is watching, under my coat, or in a dark room, or behind a tree, on my phone sitting at the far corner of the sea bus). If anyone looks at me I give them a smile Esma would be proud of (for anyone who has not seen ‘Emperors New Groove’ I’d suggest you go out right now and grab it).
Side note: I was told in Disneyland by Lumière what character you are most like. Well i think i got the short end of the stick when i got ‘Esma’ and ‘Sleeping Beauty’s mother’. I blame my small head and high cheek bones.

Anyway, my class was amazing and this was my final assignment that has yet to be corrected by Sam. I see mistakes my self, but I’d much rather have a genius tell me i need work, it only pushes me to work harder!


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