Inspiration found in a pair of Blue eyes

It has been an interesting week for me…i have been following a blog about a most amazing dog that has captured my heart. The more i read about him and looked at his posted videos and photos the more my heart sank and with two cats and our visiting neighbors cat every so often, my home is Disneyland for our 3 little fur-balls, (we have fetching games, they play hide and seek, tag and after all the kitties have had their fun, treats are distributed equally, while i watch and monitor no one is stealing) i decided I wanted to add to our family this beautiful dog named White Spot, who had been in a foster home for a few months and was looking for a new home. I wrote an e-mail inquiring if White Spot liked cats and that i was interested into looking to adopt him into our family. I am very happy to say that when people go to adopt a pet most places make sure the animal you are adopting is right for you. I knew that decision was left up to whom ever was taking care of White Spot as they knew him best. I think each animal deserves a home they will stay at and be happy till the day they die. It’s just not fair changing homes a number of times because your child suddenly decided the puppy he/she wanted for Christmas does not cuddle anymore and they aren’t back pack size. Anywho! I finally got in touch with wonderful Lisa who is taking care of White Spot and had let me know he will be going to his forever home Monday…so today. As much as it might have broken my heart to hear that, i decided i would at least give that help and care to the next dog she would take care of so a bag of treats, a toy and dry food was given to her for the next foster she takes in, and i donated some funds to Turtle Gardens as they are having floods right now and need all the help they can get.
On Friday I met White Spot and for the last 3 days have been doing doodles of concepts for a drawing for him and his new home ( i teared up after he left and i am blaming the time of the month and his beautiful blue eyes). Today i had to decide what drawing to finalize and i am having a terrible time trying to decide which one, so after doing the lighting on all 3 of the drawings i decided to take a break and show you on an other post…off to sleep!


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