Mending a broken heart

Well after a few weeks of doodling and trying to pick a drawing that really showed how much i cared about this dog, i thought it best to draw this guy as i saw him with a heart of gold, eyes that shine and a dog who for the moment i met him i felt he was a puppy full of love and hope.

Here is WhiteSpot (and yes, he may have a resemblance to ‘Bolt’ but look at him? rather then a bolt he has a spot! seriously, how much awesome can you get out of a single dog?!). Enjoy ❤


2 thoughts on “Mending a broken heart

  1. Seeing a beautiful dog leave is very sad….but seeing the amazing home and family he is getting is the consolation prize and this is what fills my heart when each and every foster dog gets adopted. Whitespot was very special to me and you captured everything I love about him in this incredible picture. You are very talented to be able to see what you did in him and put it in your drawing. Thank you so much! Lisa

    p.s. Thanks again for your kind donations. That toy will make many, many dogs happy in my temporary care.

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