A Cat frenzy.

I decided I’d post a photo of what i wake up to when i let the cats sleep on the bed. Sometimes Butters will wake me up at around 4am not knowing what to do with himself so eventually i pick him up and put him out of the bedroom with his brother so they can go and play, leaving The man & I to go back to a much needed sleep. I have always had a cat in my life and have always wanted to save each and every one I have come across that have yet to find a home. Ever since I moved to Vancouver I have tried to help by volunteering for VokraBCSPCA and now I have started to help the enemy (at least that’s what my boys think of them) dogs. I am still amazed by the storys I hear either through other volunteers or even the newsletters that I get. For being one of the most intelligent creatures on this earth we  certainly do some horrible things to each other and anything we touch. But then I meet people who have such heart and who share the same passion I have for them. I have a very close friend who loves her animals and we have dreams of saving the animal world, of creating a haven for our furry friends to have a beautiful life till the end and that is something I hope to do one day. But until then, every few months we both start looking at Pet FInder be it dog or cat and I do wish i could adopt them all but I certainly do not have the room for them. Until then I am leaving the saving up to a wonderful woman who has adopted 700 animals and you can see her story here. So i have decided I will bombard you with the cats. The little girl who is in 2 of the photos is Abby our neighbours cat who i pick up each day to be with my boys, so she has someone to play with.


One thought on “A Cat frenzy.

  1. You’re an amazing lady (and friend!), you know that?

    Your boys are so adorable when they snuggle! Abby’s got such huge eyes, she looks ready for trouble 😉

    The cat house on the kings story was one of my inspirations when I was house hunting, but I knew for the kind of acreage there was no way we would find it close to Van. I’m also not equipped to care for so many! I love that Jelmer and I have both agreed to expand our family with Blaze and Sev, and to be honest that will probably make the house feel like theres a LITTLE life in it. Right now, its so big we sometimes have to hunt for our critters! Not Blaze of course, the talented boy is still underfoot.

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