The Interview

About a year or so ago The Man had gone to an interview for a job at a company I’d rather not name and there where 3 men who where sitting in the interview room. One was angry, the other was too tired to bother even listening and the 3rd was somewhat pleasant but just wanted to get this day over with. From what I understood they where overworked and then where asked to conduct interviews, on top of there long and stressful days.  ( I don’t blame them for what probably was a bad day.)

I myself, have conducted interviews and I have tried to make the interview as comfortable and as easy as possible, no matter how I personally felt that day, making whom ever we are interviewing feel comfortable, as if we would be sitting in a living room having tea and cookies while joking and laughing like good old friends. Every person has something to give and if you are called to an interview you are there because you have something good to offer. These 3 particuler men I have not been in a room with before, but I have been in the room with people who had the same attitude, and it didn’t make me feel at all comfortable. I  personally  never appreciated anyone making me feel small and inadequate…but who does!

So to the people who have gone through an interview and left feeling small and worthless, I decided to make a little card sized note for The Man to have  in his wallet for when this happens, he can look at it, turn it over and remind himself that they also have there quirks and issues. It reminded me of when someone get’s on stage and they have stage fright, to look at the audience as if they where naked. Hope you get a kick out of it.


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