Sam Spaid

When I got Tiberius for The Man’s Birthday, I knew one day this beautiful little fluffy kitten would have to make a quick visit to the doctor, to take care of his ..well his boys. In 6 months the morning arrived, he was not allowed to eat from the night before, or drink water, and I knew when we awoke there would be allot of complaining from this Kitten. If I had to guess what he was saying, I would guess it goes something along the lines of “Where have you been? I’m Dying here! DY-ING, DYYYYYYY-ING! Foooood I need food, NOW!” to witch the Man picked him up and give him lot’s of cuddles, kissed him and gave him so much affection, I was wondering If I should be going to the doctor to have majur surgery just to receive such affection. The funny thing is when they both caught me looking at them, they bumped heads and looked away from each other, as if they where both too manly to show they had a sensitive side.

So Tiberius was placed into his back-pack and off to the doctor we went. I dropped him off, gave him kisses and told him I’d see him soon. While I walked away I could hear the nurses doting over him and call him all sorts of baby names. He is quite the Don Juan with the ladys, I must admit.

At lunchtime I received a call, to which the doctor said he could not find Tiberius’ ‘boys’, to witch my initial reaction was ‘Tiberius is a she?’ The doctor went on to tell me that Tiberius’ ‘boys’ had not dropped (frankly, I had no idea something dropped down there). Apparently this is called ‘Cryptorchidism‘. Now they have to cut him open and find the boys, remove them and sew him up. Of course this means from two little snips and no cone, now we are going to be going home with a shaved kitten, a cone and stitches….I hate the cone. Butters and I have had to deal with The Cone too many times to count, so I am not a friend of ‘ The Cone’.

To make me feel better, The man wrote a little e-mail to me that made me smile, that made me pull it together and start researching what ells was out there to accommodate this kitten, to not have to have The Cone.

I keep this little note by my desk, so when I read it,  it always makes me smile and reminds me that The man I have, I could not do without.

‘Sam Spaid was on the Job.

It was a case close to the heart.

Two boys were missing and it was gonna

take some serious digging to find out where they were.

I have a pair of boys myself.

Felt like they were in my throat when i got the news.’

Kitten spaying without the Cone of Shame


One thought on “Sam Spaid

  1. aw so cute! I remember this ordeal at the time you went through it. Raffy has his comfy cone and aside from looking dazed, he does very well with it. Fortunately Sevvy comes to us pre-neutered (his big day is next week)

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