Halloween with the Wild Things

2.5 weeks before Halloween The Man and I finally got on the same page as to what to be for Halloween. I sent him e-mails of options, photos and I kept getting a “Naaaa”. Finally I got home one night and went to my collection of Children’s books and pulled out one of my favorite storys. ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ was our choice, I would be ‘Max’ and he would be ‘Carol’. Every night after getting back from work I’d sit down and start putting our costumes together…I was stressed, as I had never done this before, but I was focused to make the best costume ever!

The night before Halloween, I was using hot glue and pins, so by morning the tips of my fingers where burned and had little red prints of pins missing the fabric and entering my flesh. As much as it might have hurt, Monday was wonderful. Everyone wanted to take a photo of us and we won “Best Costumes” at The Mans work. Well worth every pin…and we will be wearing this costume for the next Halloween…GOD HELP ME!

Making it my goal to put this together I figured out my sewing machine…Yep! I had never used one before, so this was quite an accomplishment. Also just a note: his pants are individual rows I cut out and sewed on to a pair of pants he had….it took a long time but it rocked!

I will post my process and how I went about making his head in a new post.

“Let the wild rumpus begin!”


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