Little Fat Fairy!

Aaaa holidays…well today reminded me to make a post of a little drawing i stated for a Christmas gift for ‘The Mans’ sister. I plan to make 3 and this one needs allot of tweaking, but i thought I’d show you anyway.(Just a few notes: She has no wait in her head/arms, colours need work…and she is a fairy, so where did i put the wings? also the shadow is totally wrong & her pose is odd).

Also today Jesse, who i mentioned in a past post, made a visit to the office today. It was great to see him and made me wish I started painting again. Always an inspiration and I hope to see some of his work on his blog sometime soon?…Jesse? you reading this? I’ll keep sending you blogs i find if you start posting your awesome talent my friend!

Happy New Years everyone and I hope you all keep to your new years resolutions…mine? mine is to be some sort of super hero cat woman who saves artists and brings them back to a land of imagination! all i need is to get there my self, map the secret path and send everyone the map…stay tuned. ;).


3 thoughts on “Little Fat Fairy!

    • I definitely have to add wings, but the idea is her wings are so small they can barley lift her, but she get’s to where she wants to go and eats all the yummy things she finds despite her little wings and her curvy figure 😉

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