Memories of OvO and my Big Brothers.

A long time ago when I had just finished school and was on my way to University, my mother and I stopped by London- UK to visit one of my brothers who was living there at the time. Growing up, the youngest of my big brothers was a big influence on my taste in music. Our family was very musical and we all enjoyed and appreciated every and any style of song. From the classical notes of Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, to the oddities of Pink Floyd, Vangeli with his Chariets of Fire being my favorite (even though I have yet to see the movie) and everything in-between like Paul SimonAbba, Yianni, Nina Simone, Sinatra and so many more I feel guilty for not naming them in this post…although I know that would take a while.

Getting back to my brother, he was influenced and inspired by the lyrics and beats of U2 and as a little sister always looking up to her brothers, I enjoyed there music as well as The Doors (although I did not understand it at the time), Peter Gabriel, Brian EnoDepeche Mode, Erasure (there is a little cross over here with my eldest brother who I believe was the one into Erasure). Of course when I speak to my generation of people born in 1982 about this music, they give me a perplexed look of “Qua?”

Anyway, when visiting him he thought he would take us to the ‘Millennium Dome’ that had just been built,  a beautiful piece of Architecture and within in it a world, I felt, filled with imagination and artistry. It was a memory I remember fondly and I am reminded of it by the music and show that was done for the Millennium Dome by Peter Gabriel called ‘OVO’. Remember I had never seen Cirque du Soleil, so the feeling was amazing. The only way I could describe it is the first time you taist chocolate or the first time you ride your bike on a spring day with the sun glinting off your new bike. I wanted to fly up into the sky with the people who where dancing and swinging, suspended by little wires the audiance could easily erase from there mind and enjoy the emotion and feeling that went into a creation of such a beautiful story accompanied by the masterful music created by Peter Gabriel. 

Needless to say The Man and I went to Maui last week (will be posting about that soon) and on the road to Hana, right when the sun had set and the forest consumed us as we travelled on this road small enough to fit one car, I put on Ovo and it filled me with smiles and tears.

If you find your self wanting to listen to an album built around a story that has influences from every part of the world, listen to Ovo. It ranks as one of my favorite albums, but also makes me all emotional.

Thanks little big brother for teaching me so much about music and introducing me to such beautiful and masterful musicians and of course, I am so lucky to have two brothers I could always lean on. Don’t forget to let your siblings know how much you love them. As far as I may be from my family, I try to let them know they are always in my thoughts and have helped become the person I am today.

1.Here is a picture of me and my little big brother

2.My brothers (big brother on the left, little brother on the right)


One thought on “Memories of OvO and my Big Brothers.

  1. Lovely post dear, and yes I feel sorry for those who never got to appreciate some of the treasures you mentioned. Having been born in 1974, it was a little easier for me but it certainly helped having a family that loved MTV!

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