A new Medium to explore!

I’ve been asked to be the creative director for a small little music video, and well i have thrown ideas out and they are loved…the problem is when i explore my mind for ideas I have no boundaries, so then i can bring them back to something that is manageable and to fit a smaller budget. But it looks like my friend  loves it so much, he doesn’t seem to want to bring it back to what might be more manageable/ affordable?.  Then again who am i to say what’s possible, if it happens great!

In the mean time I am having the time of my life just going crazy with scenes involving water and jellyfish. They are such beautiful creatures, the Jellies. I was stung by one when I was little, but looking at them at the aquarium they are magical and so graceful yet deadly… like a woman! 😉

Anyway I threw this together to get across what I had in my head.


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