What a Man! <3

This past Christmas The Man and I went to visit his family and his little brother, who got a new wallet for Christmas! As I sat buy him while he did the transfere of the credit cards and little bits of whatever we all get, he handed me a picture. I looked at it and for a moment I thought it was him, then I realized  it was a photo of The Man at age 7. He handed it to me and with all my excitement of school girl giggles I looked at his little brother and wondered, why do you have a picture of your big brother in your wallet? I didn’t ask, but it wasn’t  hard to see out of 6 kids, 4 of them boys, the little brother feels closest to The Man. This is where I have the picture now. Cute!

The picture is being guarded by a polar bear The Man gave me for my 28th birthday and a bear my Mum and Papa got me on our trip through the Rockies….if you haven’t figured it out yet, I love polar bears, or bears, fluffy, cute, big, man eating creatures.


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