Still looking for ‘Blue’

It’s been 16 days since my beloved Baby Blue Brodie Romax 2007 was lifted off the front of the bus I was taking by an &@#$*% who watched when I was distracted for 5 min and took her from me. I’ve never had a Bicycle stolen from me and when this happend on top of a month that had been what i call ‘pay back’ for a life that is usually full of love and laughter, i felt violated. I looked everywhere, put up posters, went on to craigs list, Pink bike, Kijijji etc. and the only thing i got was a guy who e-mailed me letting me know the night (lets’ call the guy who stole my bike John Doe) John Doe  took the bike, he road it to Hastings ( if your looking for drugs that’s where you go) and was selling it for $40. The guy who wrote to me said he only had $30 and he couldn’t get it back for me, but that he will keep an eye out. My bike was so fully packed and amazing i know it was worth $1000 easily, but this guy needed  quick fix. Thankfully hey got him on camera but I wish they would give me the picture. Unfortunately it only goes to the cop who has the file.

So after looking for a week for a new ride I finally called Brodie who directed me to the most amazing bike shop. ‘Mighty Riders’ on broadway and Ontario street, fitted me to my new bike, and the best part? A baby blue Brodie Romax 2012, with a red accent. I just love Brodie and I just can’t let go of a baby blue cyclecross bike. I have been riding ‘Blue bird’ (my new bike) for a week and she is so much lighter, faster and smoother…but i continue to look for my baby blue bike, as they are slim to none bikes like mine and since summer is upon us, I’ll find who ever has her and get her back.

So if you see this bike let me know. She is still very special to my heart as she was given to me by one of my closest and best friends Kris.


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