The Cat who comes over to play.

When The Man and I bought our first home about 3 years ago, we knew we wanted to have a new audition to our family. So I looked for a kitten for two months, everyday, who would get along with our cat who was at the time 2 years old -My orange marshmallow, Butters.

The Man picked his kitten (as it was his birthday gift), he was brought to our home, made comfortable and very quickly became the dominating cat in this family. But as a kitten he would run into the hall and say hello to our neighbors. The neighbor right next door to us, was a young single guy, enjoying life and being out most nights making dinner at 2 am and waking up at 12pm. a wonderful and carefree life, not someone i would have thought would want to be cleaning kitty litter every few days.

When he met our little new kitten he was in love and wanted one just like him..and really can you resist a fluffy kitten?. I did give warning as they do even ask on the SPCA site that before you take on an animal, make sure to have the right reasons and not think of it as a accessory, that they will be around for a long time and that your circumstances may change. Well, he surprised me one night with this little kitten he named Abby. The loveliest, walleyed, cutest little kitten who can’t do without her brothers and Tiberius can’t do without her.

Each day I’d pick her up and bring her over, feed her, go to work, come home and before bed I’d drop her off at her home, as my neighbor wanted to cuddle her. Although I must add that from his place she is able to escape to the outdoors and go searching for trouble in the night. This worried us, as we just about lost her one time, till The Man and i went looking and found her hiding in the bushes at the back of the building. But our neighbor hasn’t put a fence around his balcony or done anything to stop her from climbing out of his balcony down the awning over the driveway and out into the wild…he just shut the door to her toilet that is located outside on the balcony and then is angry that she pooped in the guest bathroom.

Fast-forward to a month ago, I drop her off and every morning for 3 days I went over to pick her up and she wasn’t at the door. Finally after my Tiberius called for her non stop driving the Man and I crazy I message my neighbor to ask for her to come over, to witch he replies with “I thought you had her, I haven’t seen her for 2 days!”…at this point I call The Man as I am at the office and ask him to go looking for her. The Man goes to our neighbors apartment and goes to the 2nd bedroom to find the door is closed (the window is open for her to go in and out from the 2nd bedroom, but the door is shut and the window is open). The Man had tried to open the door and found Abby had pulled up the carpet clawing to try and get back into the house.

When The Man found her he brought her to our home, fed, kissed and taken care of. The next day The Man notices Abby was very sensitive when being petted on her bum. When I got home, I checked if she was having any internal bleeding, broken bones or anything of issue…well she had a bad wound about an inch long and  a half inch wide hidden under her fur on her back end.

I called my neighbor letting him know and showing him what Abby was sensitive about and said he should take her to the Vet. The next day I come home to check on her and the wound at this point is 2.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide and you can now see her skin is slowly ripping open and making it worse (you can also see her muscle inside…yes ‘eww’ is right) with her licking it. I am so happy I have a “cone of shame” for the cats at hand. I call my neighbor again, saying she MUST go to the Emergency Vet (this at 8pm). He says he is on his way home and he will get to it…..At 12.30am (emergency clinic closed at 12am) he arrives.

When I show him what happened to her bum, his answer is “Oh shit! It’s Bad!” …Yes it’s bad…

Finally he takes her the next day to the vet where the doctors take her straight into Surgery. When she get’s back from the clinic this cat has tension sutures, stitches and tubes to help with the puss that had built up inside her to come out….and my neighbor had to be out of town that weekend so it was up to us to clean the area 3-4 times a day give her antibiotics, painkillers, Oh! and also we found out she had an eye infection so two kinds of drops in the left eye 2 times daily.

Now all this happened when she got locked outside and they found 7 cuts in her back end from what they think was a raccoon and it managed to ‘rip her up’. So it’s been 3 weeks of us cleaning the wound and injecting antibiotics and painkillers into her mouth. She has been the most patient cat I have ever met. She still likes us!

I just want to say that as much as sometimes I want to just take her and keep her as my own, my neighbor is a very loving owner and does love her to bits, he just doesn’t have the time or understanding for her and that’s why I give my self to her anytime. If she get’s to stay with him and I get to take care of her and see her each day without the cost of a 3rd cat, so be it.

She is in her 3rd week now and she is healing up nicely. It looks worse then it is….well that’s what the doctor told me when I called my neighbors vet to find out what I had to do to take care of her.

p.s. The first 3 pictures are of her first day back home from the Vet, the last 2 are of a week ago and one of her when she was about 5 months old.

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