My new Cintiq 24HD Display!

I’ve been dreaming of the day I start my own bussiness and be happy in each and everything I do. So far I am into this idea for 2 weeks and I’ve managed to exercise, reorganize the house with The Man,  draw and experiment with some recipes (while eating right and trying not to spend money).

I gave my last job notice two months prior to my departure so they would be able to find a replacement and also get my project and ideas ready for when I do leave them. I loved where i was working and mostly i missed and loved the projects and people I was working with in Seattle. I realized I was not growing in the direction I wished to be and I had so many things i needed to do, it was time to leave my comfort zone.

I have two projects on the go, and I am getting back into my Industrial design background, designing things I’ve had in my head the past 6 years. Soon I hope to load my ‘Etsy’ shop, so you can buy prints and the little house wears I will be making.

Yesterday I decided to try out my beast of a tablet and after getting all my brushes in order, setting up my pen calibration, files etc, I made this little drawing ‘cut out like’ of a parrot and when I saved this image out the colours became very saturated. That’s when I realized I forgot to calibrate the colours on the two monitors…what a rookie!

I am now set and ready to go crazy with my creative self. Wish me luck.


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