Letting go has never felt so freeing.

Leaving my work and starting this new path has given me so much inspiration. I have been drawing more and more and building ideas upon ideas for our project I’m doing with The Man, I don’t think i’ll ever be able to go back to a desk hidden behind dividers and being asked if the UI or the asset has been done and placed into the game…

I feel free as if I just came up for fresh air after holding my breath for too long. This life of eating right, exercising, exploring the ourdoors and having 3 projects of my own, going at the same time, is well worth the security of a paycheck each month (hopefully i’m not going to regret saying that after my savings have run out).

Growing up in Cyprus (-it’s above Egypt below Turkey), there was a field next to our house, full of yellow daisies and red poppies. I remember running through them as a child thinking I would like to stay here forever, listening to the crickets and feeling the summer breeze from the sea with the smell of salt in the air…I hope when I die that’s what I see (with all my past and future kitties running with me of course!).


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