Happy Birthday to a Friend, an Adventurer and an Explorer.

A girl friend who’s party brought The man and I together 7 years ago just had her 30th birthday and since she was also the first one who caught us kissing the day after her party at the subway (and keeping a secret of our relationship for a year), we had to express our apreciation for having her in our lives. She is an amazing artist and a wonderful free spirit full of inspiration and joy. She loves to go and explore new places and take chances.

Here is Nat “30 going on 8” as The Man put it:




It may be summer, but our weather in Vancouver has been odd, and it feels like fall. So here is a little drawing i put together this morning before I started my day.

The little boat

The Man and I have been working on a little project off and on about a little boat. Ideally we would love to have shot it in the spring, the sun shining, glinting off the little pool of water with the sound of birds churping…but Vancouver seems to think it’s still February, or March or anytime other then summer. I don’t mind the rain, i dont! i just don’t like it when it’s cold and i have to wear a jacket when riding Blue Bird (my bike). Well here is to hoping for a very sunny July!?

In the mean time here is the little boat. It’s a quick sketch, that i hope to improve on:

Trying out facebook

While working here, the company decided to try a stab at Facebook with a few games, Faunasphere and My tribe. I was on My Tribe and when I started on it, i did the loading page followed by allot of assets for a year. It was fun but unfortunately going up against Zynga and dealing with Facebooks’ changing the rules so that you can’t spam your friends (i really appreciate that i don’t get Farmville invites anymore), it had to come to an end with Faunasphere closing down first and a few months later My Tribe. It was fun, i was sorry to see it go, but at least I have the loading page ;).

The Old Scotsman

No idea how this little guy poped into my head, but i had to do something different. So many things are changing in my life at the moment that before I started my Monday, I wanted to get this out. I think of him as a old grumpy Scotsman that toots something terrible.

I will soon post about the road i’m about to take…a road less traveled by, an adventure! with The Man. I’m very excited and hope this will lead to something bigger, exciting and fun.

“…Somewhere ages and ages hence:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost